Steps To A Perfect Beard


Get Into A Routine

The first crucial step in getting a healthier beard, is a routine. Having a daily process of taking care of your beard is going to get you the best results. Just like I’ve developed a process when shaving my head, it’s just as important to have a process with my beard.

Get A Good Beard Wash

One of the biggest mistakes with taking care of a beard is using regular shampoo. Shampoo is going to make your beard dry out real quick. I’ve even found in the past trying to use my wife’s expensive shampoos don’t give the results a good beard wash will give. Using a wash that is mainly oil based is what you are looking for. The other trick is to not wash it everyday, unless you have a job where you are getting dirty or make a mess eating some food.

Use Beard Oil Correctly

Most guys either use way too much oil, or only use a couple drops and dab in on their beard. When using oil I stick to two drops per month of growth. You are going to want to massage the oil in deep, getting down to your skin underneath. Using a boar bristle brush after massaging is key in getting the oils spread evenly through your beard.

Don’t Play With Your Beard

I’m am probably the most guilty guy on the face of the earth when it comes to playing with my beard. Twisting your beard and playing with it is going to get your beard dirty from the dirt you are going to get on your hands throughout the day. It’s also a good way to get your beard dried out, even with having oil and balm in. However, the biggest problem this causes is hairs to break off. 

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