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I wanted to write this blog about Beardology to give you all a look inside who and what Beardology is. My name is Angie Kehoe and my husband's name is Ian Kehoe. We are the makers and creators behind Beardology and here is our story..

Ian had a background in graphic design and it has come to be a blessing for us as he makes all our labels and the look of Beardology. I have a love for apothecary and enjoy blending new ingredients together to come up with exciting new recipes. We are always trying to come up with new products and new ideas by adding a little of this or a little of that and using Ian's face as a tester to see if it works. We blend all ingredients ourselves and make all products in very small batches to make sure we give the freshest products to our customers. All of our ingredients are purchased locally in and around Cleveland, Ohio as we feel it is a staple to give back to our community.

In 2010, we were a struggling could making ends meet with two minimum wage jobs. I then found out I was pregnant with our first child. No later did we find out, I was laid off from my job. All the while my father was in the hospital, passing away a few days later. Struggling to cope with all the emotions of a pregnancy and the hand I was dealt at this time in life, I decided to follow my dream of starting a small business and started making homemade candles to try and bring some extra income to help support my little growing family. Candles were not bringing in as much income as expected, so I decided to try my hand at adding some bath and body products. Nothing seemed to be catching on and I could not find my niche.

At the time, Ian was in the process of growing out a beard and noticed he was having issues with itchy and dry skin under his beard. I decided to try making a beard conditioner to help with his issues and he really enjoyed it so much that I added it to my candle shop. Little did we know, it blew up! People seemed to really enjoy the oils so we decided to add a few more scents to our shop. Soon we realized that beard oils were selling far more than my candles, so I decided to retire my candle company and re-open as a men's grooming company which we then renamed Beardology.

And that brings us to today. We have 17 different scents to offer at low prices. We work right out of our home and make all products to order to make sure you get fresh products with every order. We strive to offer you the highest wealthy products at the lowest prices possible. This is why we started our monthly subscription boxes. We offer our products to you at wholesale cost, to make sure you get awesome products delivered to your door monthly without breaking the bank. With your help, we can make Beardology grow into everything we know it can be!

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  • Just received the Sandlewood Oil and Balm. Would like to say it is one of the better Balm’s that I have used. And I have tried many. Thank you and look forward to trying the Barbershop next month.

    Dan Phillips

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