How to Properly Maintain a Healthy Beard


First you need to start growing out your beard. We recommend waiting at least a month or more (depending on how fast your beard grows) before starting to trim and shape your beard. Once you get past the itchy and patchy faze, you can now decide what style of beard is right for your face. The shape of your face really makes or breaks the beard style you choose, so play around with different styles until you find the style that is right for you.

Once you decide on what style you want for your beard, you should invest in a beard trimmer and some barber scissors. The first thing about trimming your beard is never trim a wet beard. Wet hair is longer than when it is dry so if you trim it wet, you may run into the issue of cutting off more than you wanted. When trimming your neck, the best way is to lower your chin and feel where your neck creases, shave everything below this line. Be careful to not trim above this line as it will make your neck look like you have a double chin even if you don't have one. When it comes to trimming your cheekline, we recommend just following the growth of your hair. Do not make a line yourself, just trim the stray hairs that look out of place. You can then take the barber scissors and clean up and stray hairs that are standing out from your beard.

When it comes to grooming your beard and keeping it healthy, there are a few steps we recommend. Just like your hair, you need to wash your beard regularly. You want to use an oil-based shampoo rather than the shampoo you use on your heard as your beard hair is much thicker and a lot more coarse which means it will dry out faster than your hair. Using a wash designed for beards helps keep the moisture inside the hair follicle and will help your beard healthy and smooth. Once washed, you want to towel dry your beard rather than blow drying it. The reason for this is that blow drying can cause your skin under your beard to dry out which results in flaking and itching. You will also cause your beard to become dry and split ends can occur.

Beard oil and balm are great additions to your regular beard grooming routine. These products help support the health for your beard down to your skin and hair follicle. Pick products that help support the health of your beard down to your skin and hair follicle. Pick products that have healthy ingredients for your beard. If you can't pronounce it, don't use it. Beard oils and balms help the skin under your beard stay healthy and therefore help your beard grow out stronger and smoother. You will see results after the first use of these products as they help stray hairs stay in place and promote a nice healthy shine.

Combs and brushes are also a key in maintaining a great beard. We recommend using a wide-toothed wooden comb to first brush your beard. The wood in the comb helps with the static and the wide teeth help any tangles you may have. After you have applied any beard oil or balm, we recommend brushing your beard one last time with a boar bristle brush. Boar bristles help pull your natural oils along with the products you are using to help distribute them throughout your beard.

Beards have been around forever and we don't see them going anywhere anytime soon, so make sure you keep yours healthy and find a routine that works best for you.

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