Keeping ingredients all natural is the number one key to keeping your beard healthy. All of our essential oil blends are unique, and crafted to provide the best results.


No machines or outsourcing - everything is done by hand. Everyday we make our products to order to ensure product quality and shelf life

Save You Money

Since we are lucky enough to buy all of our ingredients locally - We can save you money. Making something everyone can afford has always been a main goal for us.

All Natural Beard Oil

The perfect blend of Avocado oil, Agran oil, and Jojoba oil. Providing a non-greasy conditioning to match the natural oils produced by skin.

All Natural Beard Balm

Heavier than your typical beard balm, for an all day hold. Perfect for use after applying Beard Oil.

Customer Reviews

"I have used many different beard oils from different companies and even though I was paying top notch prices ($20 plus per ounce) there was always something missing. My fiancé bought me Beardology oils and balms for Father's Day and I swear your product is amazing. I can't rave enough about this product. Now I'm a subscriber and a lifer!"

Ian Gorski

"The absolute best beard care products out there! Your journey into manhood is incomplete with out Beardology in your beard. Top top notch company with amazing customer service!"

Nate Adams

"All natural product and amazing customer service is the best, and the deals you get price per product combo is insane. The shipping is on time and no hassle. Over all this company has the beard life by the chin! I'm extremely pleased and 100% satisfied."

Luke Lumley


In 2010, I was struggling to make ends meet with a minimum wage job. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was laid off from my job. In the midst of all the emotions, I decided to follow my dream of starting a small business. I started out making homemade candles, but they weren’t bringing in as much income as expected, so I decided to switch gears and try my hand with bath and body products.

I decided to try out beard products starting with beard oil. People seemed to really enjoy the oils, so I added a few more scents. Soon, I realized the beard oils were selling far more than the candles, so I retired my candle company and rebranded. Thus, Beardology was born.

I focus on blending new ingredients together to come up with our original recipes. I blend all the ingredients myself and make all products in very small batches to make sure to give customers the freshest products possible. All ingredients are purchased locally in and around Cleveland, as I feel it is important to give back to our community.

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